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Marla Glen

‘May your days be fashioned by MATMARA and sprinkled with joy’

‘MATMARA—designed with love, worn with love’



Ten years ago, Mantel, ex model, dancer and choreographer started designing dresses herself. She believed that traditional business dresses lacked style and generally were not as attractive as they could be, whilst fashion wear lacked the characteristics that business women require. To fill this gap in the market she started her own fashion house…MATMARA.


Her designs are Exciting, Exquisite and Feminine.


They are designed for business women who want to look stunning.

MATMARA designs maximise the aesthetic potential; they offer a unique combination of elegance, comfort, and stunning looks.

Her philosophy has always remained the same. She is dedicated to creating and providing beautifully designed, quality garments for women to wear for a night out, business occasion or celebrations of all types. Everything she does has attention to detail.

Extending her passion for all that is elegant, beautiful and exclusive, she supplies beautiful garments and accessories locally, nationally and internationally.

Be Fashioned By Matmara

I want all our valued clients to enjoy their shopping experience and I hope all the information you need will be provided by this website. If you would like to talk personally with me, please email for appointment [email protected]. If I am not immediately available  my staff and I will call you back.

If you are local to Bolton, why not make a private appointment with me? I will be happy to help you with that special outfit you are dreaming about but can’t seem to find elsewhere.

Your satisfaction is important to me.